October 2018 News

I have been busy these last few months. Unfortunately the majority of of the shoots I've been involved in are yet to be published so I am unable to share any images. However, just published is the new version of the legendary Campaign magazine. I was asked to photograph Moray and Maurice to accompany an interview that Moray conducted with one of the founders of Saatchis. Moray is Worldwide CEO of M&C Saatchi. The interview was particularly humorous and so the portrait needed to reflect this. Art Director Tim Scott and I showed them Baileys infamous shot of The Kray Twins, Maurice supplied a spare pair of his spectacles for Moray, and this was the result.

Moray MacLennan and Maurice Saatchi for Campaign Magazine

In the early 1970's, Chris Wilkins came up with the idea for the very famous Cadburys Smash advertising campaign 'For Mash Get Smash' featuring a group of giggling martians. In a very small kitchen at the offices of BBH, Chris was very happy to perform for my camera, and regale us with stories of how they made the advert.

Chris Wilkins for Campaign Magazine

Peter Mead was one of the founders of advertising agency Abbot Mead Vickers. I photographed him outside what was the HQ of J. Walter Thompson with a packed lunch. The reason for the sandwich? Having left school he applied for a job at JWT who were based in Berkeley Square at the time. They offered him a position in the dispatch department for £3 a week. He was told that there was a staff canteen but that he wouldn't be able to afford it, but that it was fine to eat his sandwiches in Berkeley Square. He turned the job down and instead joined Bensons, another big agency. He says, "In 1997, I returned to Berkeley Square. It was the day my agency was ranked number one for the first time, leapfrogging JWT and deposing Saatchi & Saatchi at the top. I marked it by bringing my lunch with me – a Tupperware box of smoked salmon sandwiches – which I ate in the square".

Peter Mead for Campaign Magazine

And soon to be published is a film and my stills for a Jaguar campaign. This landscape was from a shoot I did for them a couple of months ago. Pendine Sands is a seven mile long beach that is owned by the MoD. A portion of it is used by the public for recreation, but the majority is untroubled by human intervention apart from the odd dog walker. This may have something to do with the fact that the MoD use the beach as a firing range. We drove a few miles into the wilderness, where the weather was pretty harsh, where the sand became 'quick' here and there and where I felt like I was in some parallel universe. This shot was taken in a rare moment of calmness and clarity.

Pendine Sands, Jaguar

June 2018 News

In December last year I spent a day at the International School of Management photographing the tutors and pupils who work together.

PSDS, a charity that helps families who have children with Down syndrome asked me to photograph some of the therapy sessions they run, to illustrate the work that they do. 

Wealthsmiths Magazine commissioned me to photograph wine expert Bruce Palling at Hedonism Wines in Mayfair.

Maria Kuts, External Programs Manager, International School of Management, Paris
Zach, his father Mike, and speech therapist Jo, for PSDS, a charity that supports families who have children with Down syndrome
Bruce Palling photographed in Hedonism Wines for Wealthsmiths Magazine

Latest news

I spent a great deal of November and December last year creating images for Anglia Ruskin University for their prospectus, social media and advertising campaigns.

ARU Recruitment Campaign, Business
ARU Recruitment Campaign, Fashion
ARU Recruitment Campaign, Games Development

I was commissioned to shoot portraits for Car Design Review 05, a lavish celebration of the people who are involved in car design. Seen below are, Max Missoni of Volvo, Marek Reichman of Aston Martin and Kate Fischer of Fast Design.

Max Missoni, VP of Exterior Design, Volvo
Marek Reichman, Chief Creative Officer, Aston Martin
Kate Fischer #1, HMI Designer, Fast Design, Bologna

August/September 2017 News

During the summer, Aramco World Magazine commissioned me to cover the bi-annual Shubbak Festival, which happens over a two week period in London and celebrates contemporary Arab culture. I visited a number of locations and met a variety of very talented musicians from the Middle East and North Africa. Here is Tarek Yamani, a composer and pianist who I photographed in Russell Square.

Tarek Yamani, Musician, for Aramco World Magazine

I recently visited Northern Ireland to photograph the new Land Rover Discovery Sport and the UK's leading female surfer, Lucy Campbell. Land Rover had commissioned Skunkworks, who are based in Coleraine, to make a surfboard from the fibre glass that is used in prototypes as part of the design process. Then Lucy took a Discovery Sport to Benone Beach and tested the board.

Lucy Campbell for Land Rover
Land Rover Discovery Sport, Benone Beach, Northern Ireland
Surfboard maker 'Rosy' for Landrover

De Beers commissioned me to photograph some of their staff members in a way that illustrates their hobbies and passions for their 'Brilliance Has Many Facets' campaign. Here is Guy Eaglesfield, who, when not being a digital marketing manager, tends to his bees.

Guy Eaglesfeld for De Beers 'Brilliance Has Many Facets' campaign

May/June 2017 News

AMV BBDO commissioned me to photograph Benedict Cumberbatch for their client, Mercedes. The photographs appeared on social media to coincide with London Men's Fashion Week. Car Design News commissioned me to go to Gothenburg and Shanghai to document the people and the processes at Geely, a Chinese car manufacturer. The result was an 88 page magazine devoted entirely to the company to coincide with the recent Shanghai Car Show. And I recently spent a day photographing British Lion and England fly half and centre Owen Farrell who was asked to do a bleep test against a Land Rover Evoque.

Benedict Cumberbatch for Mercedes
Geely Shanghai for Car Design News
Owen Farrell for Land Rover

April 2017 News

Just published are my portraits of Volvo's chief designers to coincide with the launch of the new XC60, a star-scape shoot for Zoom Zoom Magazine in Tenerife, a new portrait in my series of artists in environments that inspire them, and an image taken at a recent funeral of a Hells Angel.

Ebba Maria Thunberg, Design Director of Colour & Materials, Volvo
Mazda CX3, El Teide, Tenerife for Zoom Zoom
Chris Cyprus, Painter, Mossley, Tameside
The funeral of 'Dodgy Dave' HAMC London

March 2017 News

A day at the Morgan Motor Company for British Airways High Life, a day at Rockingham Speedway for Shortlist Magazine and continuing with my project on artists photographed in environments that inspire them.

Morgan Motor Company for British Airways High Life (China)
Antony Bridge, Landscape Painter, British Camp, Malvern
Ferrari 488 Spider (and skinny Latte) for Shortlist

January 2017 News

At the end of 2016 I was commissioned to shoot an advertising campaign for Anglia Ruskin University. I spent a few days on campus shooting nursing and midwifery students and their respective tutors.

November 2016 News

Mauricio Pochettino for Sport Magazine

Mauricio Pochettino, Spurs Manager for Sport Magazine

'Mauro doesn't really smile', were the words ringing in my ears as this smiling and charming man appeared for his photograph. Behind him is a very small part of the amazing training facilities that are the domain of top flight football teams.

Simon Jones, Cheesemaker, Lincolnshire

Simon Jones, Cheesemaker for NFU Mutual

Simon makes a raw milk cheese called Lincolnshire Poacher which is delicious. NFU Mutual wanted to illustrate how they have and continue to help farmers like Simon and so I was commissioned to spend a day at his farm photographing him, and the process of cheesemaking.

Steve McPherson, Sculptor, Epple Bay

Steve McPherson, Sculptor, Apple Bay 

Another image from a personal project on artists in environments that inspire them. Steve is a sculptor but also an environmentalist and he gathers materials that get washed up in the bay to create beautiful pieces of art.

October 2016 News

Toni Arden, Bedham

Here is the Queen of Denmark. Well, that's actually not entirely accurate, but Toni Arden, originally from Denmark, has been called that before by a number of people. Over a period of 30 years, Toni and her late husband Paul Arden, have been collecting and exhibiting photography. I was lucky to have two exhibitions at their gallery in Petworth and some of my images are in their collection. I photographed Toni recently for a celebration of a particular milestone that remains top secret!

Cass Pennant, London

I photographed Cass Pennant for a magazine that failed to materialise, but wanted to share the image I made of this unique man. For those of you who have not heard of him, Cass has had an interesting life to say the least. Originally known for his involvement with West Ham's Inner City Firm, he is now a film producer and writer, as well as being the subject of a film called Cass. A man who has learnt to deal with adversity, the street element of his character was a factor in the choice of the location that I found to photograph him in.

Harry Cory-Wright, Norfolk

I have started to photograph artists in places that have been or remain inspiring to them. Painters, sculptors and photographers, whose work I admire. This is a long term project inspired by a commission I undertook last year, and Harry Cory-Wright, who I have known for a few years, is based along the north coast of Norfolk and has been photographing the area beautifully for many years.

September 2016 News

You may remember Beth as part of a set of portraits I made of children with down syndrome. I entered this portrait into a completion run by The British Journal of Photography called 'Portrait of Britain' and was delighted to find out it had been selected. The portrait along with the other selrctions are being shown at JC Decaux sites around the UK this month, mainly in stations and shopping malls. Well done Beth!


June 2016 News

A couple of months ago I was asked by Sport Magazine to photograph Harry Kane in a hotel in North London. At the time it was all a bit top secret as the new England kit had yet to be launched, so there was quite a bit of security about and I had to sign lots and lots of bits of paper. The pictures were published this month to coincide with the beginning of the 2016 European Championships.

Harry Kane photographed for the 2016 European Championships issue of Sport Magazine

May 2016 News

Published this month was a shoot with Lizzie Armitstead for Sport Magazine, and a series of images for Harlequins Rugby Club to celebrate being in existence for 150 years.

Lizzie Armitstead for Sport Magazine
Poster for Harlequins Rugby Club Memebership

Some of you may know that I have been photographing circus performers for a long time and that I continue to do so. When I started photographing these performers I did it on my Hasselblad and so for reasons of continuity and style, I still use this fifty nine year old camera!

Miss Jencia

April 2016 News

Recently Published

Land Rovers customer magazine 'One Life' asked me to photograph Sir Paul Smith in conjunction with the reveal of the Defender that Sir Paul had designed. I also visited the flagship store in Albemarle Street in Mayfair and photographed design elements of the store. The motif on the cast iron exterior and carried through to the interior, and then seen on some of the items in the store (like the wallets seen here) is apparently inspired by a number of foundries that used to be based in Albemarle Street, where they made everything from lampposts to manhole covers.

One Life Magazine
Paul Smith store in Albemarle St, London

March 2016 News

A new magazine has just been published to coincide with the launch of Volvos new S90. I spent some time in Sweden photographing the key designers involved with the car.

Volvo Ninety 'The Visionaires'

Here is Beth, who I photographed, along with 49 others, for a (local to me) charity called PSDS. The charity supports families who have children with Down Syndrome. They are celebrating their ten year anniversary and asked me to make portraits of the kids for an exhibition that opened on 21st March, which also happened to be World Down Syndrome Day. The exhibition was on for a week at Denbies in Dorking. Please visit my portraits album to see a few more shots of these amazing kids.


February 2016 News

'Harmony' Sweden

This was shot in Sweden to illustrate a connection between nature and technology. The landscape of rock, ferns and birch tees is common in this part of the world. I shot this at dusk, and so the added light became the hero of the picture. I didn't want to look at this as something to be created using multiple frames, so I approached this as a 'in camera' shot. Getting the turns and the starbursts and the angle absolutely right was time consuming, but I think worth it. I must pay credit to my assistant for running around on this rocky terrain, in near darkness, with a torch, more times than he probably wanted to.

El Castillo, Chichen Itza, Mexico

El Castillo, Chichen Itza, Mexico.

Built by the pre-Columbian Mayan civilisation somewhere between the 9th and 12th century, El Castillo stands in the late sun. For a small fee, we were able to stay after the crowds had gone to photograph the temple.

Mr Parr, J&FJ; Baker & Co,

Mr Parr, J&FJ Baker & Co.

 This company, based in Devon, is the only oak bark tannery in the world. It has been on this site since Roman times. Mr Parr has been there since the 70's.

January 2016 News

The Victoria & Albert Museum have recently reopened The Europe 1600-1815 Galleries. I was asked by Berkeley Magazine to illustrate the renovated rooms and in particular how the museum has introduced a little of the 21st Century to the experience.

The Europe 1600-1815 Rooms for Berkeley Magazine #1

Dave Coplin is chief envisioning officer for Microsoft in the UK and spends much of his time thinking about how technology can be useful to society in the future, which may or may not involve looking out of the window a lot. Work Magazine decided to use this image as the opening DPS, and the same shot but with Dave turned around on the following spread.

Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer for Microsoft, Work Magazine #1
Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer for Microsoft, Work Magazine #2

November News

Just published is the latest and more importantly, 400th issue of Shortlist Magazine. To celebrate this milestone, the magazine asked me to contribute to the 'The Greatest' featuring 15 men who have reached the very top of their chosen profession. Of the fifteen portraits that graced the cover of the issue, I photographed, Sir Michael Caine, Kazuo Ishiguro, John Cooper Clarke, Sir John Hurt, Joe Calzaghe and Sir Paul Smith at a variety of locations around London.

Cover & opening page for Shortlists 'The Greatest'. I photographed Sir Michael Caine, John Cooper Clarke, Joe Calzaghe, Sir John Hurt, Kasuo Ishiguro and Sir Paul Smith.

October News

Car Magazine sent me to the headquarters of Mercedes F1 to shoot a behind the scenes story. Our host was Toto Wolff, the boss of the team, who showed the writer and I around. He is photographed here in front of quite a bit of titanium. Another area we visited was the paint shop (I'm not sure they call it that). It was like shooting inside a massive daylight corrected light box and felt like the set of a science fiction film.

Paint Shop Mercedes F1 workshop
Toto Wolff, Mercedes F1 Headquarters

PSDS is a charity that supports families with children that have Down Syndrome. They are celebrating their ten year anniversary next year and asked me to get involved with shooting portraits of the children for an exhibition that will be launched on 21.03.16. The title of the exhibition is 'This Is Me' and aims to illustrate the enjoyment that we all get from our hobbies and passions, whatever they may be. Here is Ella, who is a keen ballerina and she was one of fifty portraits I shot over two days. The exhibition will coincide not only with their anniversary but with World Down Syndrome Day. Please take a look at the PSDS website to have a look at what they do here.


September News

I hope you had a good summer. My family and I visited a variety of places in the UK, the highlight of which was Northumberland. I also completed a number of commissions in the summer, and a few recent shoots have now been published. Toyotas 'this way' magazine commissioned me to photograph all that makes Newnham in Cambridge the best place to live in the UK (according to a recent poll). We spent a few days there soaking up the vibes and the sunshine, and it was a very nice place. &Beyond magazine sent me to three different parts of the country to photograph artists in landscapes that inspire them, of which one was Tai-Shan Schierenberg, who I photographed in North Norfolk.

George Jennings, grower & supplier of vegetables, Bellingham, Northumberland
Professor Dame Carol Black, Newnham College, Cambridge
River Cam, Newnham